Wednesday, 15 Aug 2018
Author: Erik

Kickstarter: Hexgears X-1 Mechanical Keyboard

If you’re looking for a wireless, mechanical keyboard, and you like a bit of bling, then we might have found the keyboard for you. Backed by more than 1400 backers, and reaching it’s goal by a factor 5, within almost a week the Hexgears X-1 Mechanical Keyboard will get its funding. It’s a mechanical wireless […]

Kickstarter: Spyra One

In the category of ‘amazing cool gadgets’, we have a found a new product, and it’s the Spyra One gun. And while we normally don’t endorse items like this, we’ll make an exception for the Spyra One, since it’s a water gun! A water gun with a USB C port you say? Right… Initially, we […]

USB Developer Days, Vancouver

The USB Developer Days in Vancouver are coming up next month! On September 26-27, the USB-IF(Implementers Forum) will organise another event full of innovation. The USB Developer Days offers a great chance to learn about USB 3.2, USB Type-C Cable and Connector, USB Power Delivery and USB Type-C Authentication from the experts in a face-to-face […]

The first programmable USB Type-C switch

Yesterday, we were pleased to see the announcement by Acroname, in regards to their newly released programmable USB Type C switch. The name covers it all: it’s a 4 port programmable USB Type C switch, ready for USB 3.2. Acroname has developed the programmable switch to make it easier for developers to test USB-C features, […]

Dodocool DC35, a new 7 in 1 USB-C Hub

With the increase in USB-C ports in laptops, Chromebooks, but also tablets and phones, we can see a clear uptake in the USB-C adoption. Manufacturers slowly start removing ports and replacing them by USB-C ones. To bridge the gap, and until the whole world is wireless, we unfortunately need solutions, and one of the most […]

SmartBoy Mobile, a USB-C gaming accessory for your phone

HyperKin Lab have released a USB-C gaming accessory that will bring back great memories of playing good old Gameboy games. HyperKin have created a pretty affordable device in which your phone becomes the screen for a the Gameboy. Instead of having a Virtual Gameboy, your phone turns into a sort of real Gameboy, but not […]

Silicon Power C50 USB Drive

Silicon Power, the company well know for releasing the Silicon Power C80, just released a new device which we can appreciate dearly. It’s a USB Flashdrive with not only a USB-C connection, but it features a USB-A and B connection as well. The device comes in 3 different storage sizes (32 GB, 64 GB, and […]

ProBASE MacBook Pro USB-C Dock

We at are crazy about USB-C docks. You can imagine our delight when we saw the new ProBASE MacBook Pro monitor stand with built in USB-C hub. This sleek looking device will be a great match for the Mac user, and the shape, choice of material and overal design goes incredibly well with the […]

Eve V: the USB-C Windows Surface

Recently, we reported about the new Windows Surface tablet. In the meantime, a new Windows Surface has been released. Our biggest complaint on the earlier version was the lack of USB-C ports. The newer version of the Windows Surface has…also zero USB-C ports? Apparently, Microsoft doesn’t see the value in releasing a USB-C version of […]

The Best USB-C Chargers

If you are the proud owner of a new MacBook, a Chromebook, or new mobile phone, chances are that you’re in need of a USB-C charger. The USB-C chargers at the moment come in a diverse variety, ranging from cheap import chargers to higher quality and certified devices. While saving a few bucks on a […]