Wednesday, 15 Aug 2018
Category: News

New Philips monitors with USB-C

AnandTech reports about two new monitors announced by Philips. They’re equipped with USB-C and are both 31.5″. One has a 2560×1440 resolution, which seems a bit nuts at that resolution; it’ll make for a very grainy picture unless you put that monitor way at the back of your desk. The other one has a 4K […]

The DockCase, a USB-C laptop case

MacRumors today posted a video on YouTube where they review the DockCase, a fascinating laptop case that comes with a built-in USB-C hub.  So far, we’ve seen a lot of hubs that look very similar. This is something completely different; it’s a case that looks more like a sleeve. Built into the bottom of the […]

Western Digital announces USB-C connected 20TB storage system

MacRumors reports about the recent announcement by Western Digital about a very high capacity storage unit that’s connected via USB-C, called the My Book Duo. It looks like a very nicely designed unit. Out of the box, the drives are striped and thus are presented as a single volume. The maximum capacity is 20 TB. […]

Bourge Design Arc Hub no longer supporting 4K@60Hz

When we last posted about the Bourge Design Arc Hub, we noted that some people were not able to achieve a 60 Hz refresh rate when connecting their 4K monitor to the mini-DisplayPort, specifically when using the 2016/2017 Apple MacBook Pro. We received our Arc Hub today and immediately tested with a mini-DisplayPort cable that’s […]

USB Developer Days, Vancouver

The USB Developer Days in Vancouver are coming up next month! On September 26-27, the USB-IF(Implementers Forum) will organise another event full of innovation. The USB Developer Days offers a great chance to learn about USB 3.2, USB Type-C Cable and Connector, USB Power Delivery and USB Type-C Authentication from the experts in a face-to-face […]

The first programmable USB Type-C switch

Yesterday, we were pleased to see the announcement by Acroname, in regards to their newly released programmable USB Type C switch. The name covers it all: it’s a 4 port programmable USB Type C switch, ready for USB 3.2. Acroname has developed the programmable switch to make it easier for developers to test USB-C features, […]

Dodocool DC35, a new 7 in 1 USB-C Hub

With the increase in USB-C ports in laptops, Chromebooks, but also tablets and phones, we can see a clear uptake in the USB-C adoption. Manufacturers slowly start removing ports and replacing them by USB-C ones. To bridge the gap, and until the whole world is wireless, we unfortunately need solutions, and one of the most […]

Huge USB-C powerbank from Mophie

Mophie has addded a huge USB-C based powerbank to their online store, called the powerstation USB-C XXL. The description reads: “a high-capacity universal battery with enough power to charge a USB-C laptop as well as charge all your other USB devices”. At the moment, the store still says “coming soon”. Details as we know it: […]

Bourge Design Arc Hub not reliably doing 4K @ 60 Hz

After a successful crowdfunding campaign, the Bourge Design Arc Hub is getting into the hands of reviewers. We haven’t received our order yet, but will update when we’ve got the chance. In the meantime some quotes from a review by Jeff Geerling: “So when I saw the Arc Hub’s specs, I thought it was finally […]

New 37.5″ USB-C monitor from Dell

AnandTech reports on a new Dell monitor, the Dell UltraSharp U3818DW. It’s a curved 37.5” wide screen with a resolution of 3840×1600. Amongst its connections is USB-C, which makes it very interesting for the current crop of USB-C equipped laptops.   With a 110 PPI, one could ask why the UltraSharp moniker was applied to […]