Wednesday, 15 Aug 2018
Category: Products

Kickstarter: Spyra One

In the category of ‘amazing cool gadgets’, we have a found a new product, and it’s the Spyra One gun. And while we normally don’t endorse items like this, we’ll make an exception for the Spyra One, since it’s a water gun! A water gun with a USB C port you say? Right… Initially, we […]

SmartBoy Mobile, a USB-C gaming accessory for your phone

HyperKin Lab have released a USB-C gaming accessory that will bring back great memories of playing good old Gameboy games. HyperKin have created a pretty affordable device in which your phone becomes the screen for a the Gameboy. Instead of having a Virtual Gameboy, your phone turns into a sort of real Gameboy, but not […]

Silicon Power C50 USB Drive

Silicon Power, the company well know for releasing the Silicon Power C80, just released a new device which we can appreciate dearly. It’s a USB Flashdrive with not only a USB-C connection, but it features a USB-A and B connection as well. The device comes in 3 different storage sizes (32 GB, 64 GB, and […]

ProBASE MacBook Pro USB-C Dock

We at are crazy about USB-C docks. You can imagine our delight when we saw the new ProBASE MacBook Pro monitor stand with built in USB-C hub. This sleek looking device will be a great match for the Mac user, and the shape, choice of material and overal design goes incredibly well with the […]

The Best USB-C Chargers

If you are the proud owner of a new MacBook, a Chromebook, or new mobile phone, chances are that you’re in need of a USB-C charger. The USB-C chargers at the moment come in a diverse variety, ranging from cheap import chargers to higher quality and certified devices. While saving a few bucks on a […]

Review: Innergie USB-C Charger

Today, we’re reviewing the Innergie USB-C charger. Innergie is the consumer brand of the famous Delta power supplies used in labs in universities and R&D companies. Although it worked fine with our Chromebook, in the past we’ve had trouble with this charger on Apple equipment. But since recent firmware updates on macOS, we decided to […]

Review: Orico USB-C enclosure for harddrives or SSDs

So today we have the Orico 2598C3 enclosure under review. Orico is a Chinese company that also produces for other brands. Its main thing going for it, is that it’s cheap! And if the purpose is right and quality doesn’t suffer too much, we really like cheap here at USB-C.Today headquarters. So let’s have a […]

Review: AUKEY CB-C55, a $70 USB-C hub with Ethernet, HDMI and VGA

Today under review is the AUKEY CB-C55. As we wrote in our first impression, when unboxing this adapter you immediately get the feeling that it’s a solidly built device. The shell is milled from a single piece of aluminum and is the main reason for that nice look and feel; it feels good in the […]

Preview: AUKEY CB-C55 USB-C adapter

Today, we’re doing a preview of the AUKEY CB-C55. It’s one of the few devices with both VGA and HDMI ports, which makes it an obvious choice for people who have a job where they’re mobile and regularly give presentations — beamers are in almost all cases equipped with either VGA or HDMI. Our first […]

BenQ launches the PD2710QC 27 inch IPS display

As you can understand from our numerous USB-C docks reviews, we’re a bit nuts about docks and hubs. It comes as no surprise then that when BenQ announced their PD2710QC 27 inch IPS display last January, our inner geek got a bit excited. Now, after a few months of waiting, it seems BenQ finalised the […]