Wednesday, 15 Aug 2018

MacRumors review of the Kensington Thunderbolt 3 dock

Today, Kensington released their SD5000T and MacRumors came out with an overview of the capabilities of this Kensington Thunderbolt 3 dock. As they note, it is similar to most other docs “with a horizontal design and an array of ports, as well as a full 85 watts of charging power”. Even if the dock is not connected to a laptop, the two front ports provide charging for your phone or tablet. The USB-A port provides 10.5W, and the USB-C port provides 15W.

The Kensington dock is unique in a couple of ways. They’re currently the only dock that includes a USB-C port, on the front no less. Secondly, the dock of course includes a Kensington lock — which makes the dock pretty much a guaranteed sale for many corporate enterprises. Thirdly, they have a pretty unique design which can be mounted at the back of your monitor. You’ll need to buy a separate mounting plate for that, though.

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The Kensington dock can be mounted at the back of a monitor. Mounting plate sold separately of course.