Wednesday, 15 Aug 2018

Opinion on “The MacBook Adorable” by Casey Liss

Last week, Casey Liss of the podcast, wrote a review on the 2017 release of the 12″ MacBook, or how he and some others call it, the MacBook Adorable.

Quote: “To me, the real bummer is the lack of USB-C power passthrough on most USB-C devices available for sale today. As an example, when I attempted to do my initial Time Machine backup, I did so via the Ethernet dongle. However, I had to ensure the machine didn’t sleep, since it was on battery power. Furthermore, I had to stress out about whether or not it would complete the initial backup before the battery gave up, since I had no way to power the MacBook and have it connected via Ethernet.”

Power is not something you want to think about. Thus, all hubs in our selection feature USB-PD. It’s one of the big promises of USB-C, why would you want to do without?

Furthermore, he lists the following USB-C things he bought separately: an HDMI adapter, a USB and Ethernet adapter and an SD card reader. We have no idea why he didn’t just get a hub with all of those. On the last show, that particular question did not come up for some reason. Another co-host of the show, Marco Arment, actually joined in and complained about how he had been juggling with power when they were recording a recent live show.

Our advice: always buy a hub with power delivery. It basically would’ve solved a lot of worries and frankly, half an hour of complaining on the otherwise excellent show.

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